Leoš Brabec aka PRIMETIME - Leading personality of the most difficult camerawork discipline - wedding video. Insighter, a person with ability to see the emotional outbreaks before they arise. An Observer who is always ahead of an imaginary second there where an unrepeatable story takes place. The Creator of stories of people and brands. A Professional who is ready to dedicate hours of work to refine the shot into its perfection. An Adventurer who experiences stories with his clients over and over again. The Heartbeater who has passion, cheers the crowds and moves the universe for a perfect shot. A Companion with whom you feel within a second that you know him for at least a thousand years. The Author of hundreds of wedding and dozens of commercial videos. The Neurotic who clings on making each order always get 100% Leos.

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Created by PRIMETIME VIDEO s.r.o. -. svatební video
Vídeňská 153/119b | 119 00 Brno - Dolní Heršpice | ČESKO | IČO: 291 86 994 | DIČ: CZ29186994 | zastoupená: Leošem Brabcem, jednatelem | zapsaná v obchodním rejstříku vedeném u Krajského soudu v Brně, oddíl C, vložka 64077 | Bankovní spojení: Raiffeisenbank 4885583001/5500 | IBAN: CZ60 5500 0000 0048 8558 3001 | BIC/SWIFT: RZBCCZPP